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I thank the lord for all he has given us. I thank him for the people that are around me, on this same path-searching for your will in these harsh places. I have no complaint when it come to the things of god that i have seen, to know we are here for ‘such a time as this’ fills me with great confidence when i look around. I pray that although what we to offer is so limited that Our Father would use our words for his great works. I pray more and more every day that we will be sowing seeds, seeds that grow more than could be done by our own power.
Sometimes i feel the Holy Spirit with me when i walk around on rainy days, when i worship God as i wait at bus stops. I pray that Gods presence at these times would hover, as it did when the world was created. I pray that the presence of such light in such dark places will turn the greys to beauty and the sadness to joy.

I want so desperately for everyone, especially those we see living lives that need doctors, to come to christ, to realise that he came for them- there is no ‘its not for me’. he’s still here, beckoning.

If the light of christ shines brightest in dark places then all we need is a spark. I long so much that God would come, would change lives here, would make the neighbourhood liveable again.

I believe this is gods will and i pray for gods will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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Crafted prayer

Today i led a session with my borough team on crafted prayer, i was pretty nervy about it but it went well- here is draft one of Tower Hamlet’s first ever crafted prayer*:

You are the Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace of Tower Hamlets. When people here have need for comfort, encouragement, peace, or anything else, it is You who is able to able truly meet that need. You are able to make dry land full of refreshing water; you are able to make Tower Hamlets a place full of love, light, hope and joy.

You call us to meet the needs of others in practical ways, and promise that as we do, You will bless both us, and the community around us. Through us You promise to make the community liveable again, if we worship You in this way. The blessings that You bring will go deeper than we might even realise, deeper than we’ll ever know.

Help us to trust that if we root ourselves in You, You will produce the fruit, and You will make our lives glow in the darkness. You are able to give full life in the emptiest of places, and we commit ourselves to bring that about, here in Tower Hamlets.

We are God’s first choice. We are the people that God wants to be in this place at this time. We have been called from anywhere and everywhere to be here to serve these people. In times of anxiety and lost vision, we know You are with us; we can turn our worries into prayer.

We pray that we will know your strength and purpose, and even when we can’t see it, we will be assured that all things will work together for Your good. We have no reason to fear, because Your wholeness is more than enough. Help us to remember and rely on this every day.


*We decided it is 🙂

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XLP Term one

Hello everybody, sorry its been so long and I’ve not written anything. Firstly I would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone who is supporting me this year financially, through prayers or nice cards (Sue). I’ve been here about 2 months and already im really seeing things change with the people we are working with, it’s really encouraging.

All doing the course seems to have settled in really well and I really love the team im working with, we get on really well and just seem to bounce off each other. This is great because it just reaffirms the fact that Tower Hamlets is the best borough in the whole of london! As i write this im babysitting for the daughter of the pastor of one of the churches i have a placement with, which i guess means they like me, haha. Both the churches im working with have a massively strong emphasis on outreach and the congregations mainly consist of very ‘un-churched’ eastenders and the occasional muslim, its interesting but enjoyable. I’ve found it really easy to get involved with lots of stuff that happens with my churches and around the borough. I joined the young people’s interfaith forum and we are currently in the process of organising a street party in brick lane for next year and have a photography exhibition going on at the Whitechapel gallery at the end of this year, right up my street 🙂

The area i do most work in is vast majority Bengali, this makes it really hard to reach girls, most are in big trouble if they’re home any time later than when their school ends, whereas the boys have complete freedom to roam the streets and do as they like. One result of this is that getting female acts for the showcase is a challenge, there are lots of cases where the girls are really talented but the parents wouldn’t approve of their singing or musical talents so they don’t get involved we’re trying to get around this by starting communication with parents well in advance at the girls schools.

Im really excited to see what the rest of this year brings and hows Gods plan is going to be fufilled. :):)

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